Art Prizes

Details of entry for the festival's art prizes 2023 will be announced later this year. Please sign-up to the festival's mailing list to receive details as soon as they are available. 

Winning Artists
Sir John Hurt Art Prize

Kate GilesKate Giles
In the Wake of Wind. Scudding Sun [West Acre]

Oil on board, 30 x 38cm
The board mounted on an oak box

Late March 2022. Blustery day in West Acre, Norfolk, looking eastwards. Erratic sun spooling over distant fields.


Charlotte Fraser Ceramics & Glass Prize

Jennifer AmonJennifer Amon
Blue Landscape Vessel

36 x 28cm
Hand built/coiled and pinched from black stoneware clay, with oxide slip and glaze.


Sworders Emerging Artists

Mary Whitlock Mary Whitlock
Time to Party

Oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm
Black floating frame 3cm wide

Time to party after two years of lockdowns.


Sworders Young Artists

Izzy WrightIzzy Wright
No Means No

Tonal pencils, acrylic paint, 30 x 100cm

This is a tonal piece I created for my school project which was based on ‘how can art be used to address social issues’. The piece visualises the emotional pain of sexual assault and how it can happen to any woman of any shape or size. The style was inspired by the artist Barbara Kruger but all photos/concepts used are my own.


Shortlisted Artists

Sir John Hurt & Sworders Art Prizes

Sworders  Young Artists Sworders  Emerging Artists
Zahara Akram Mike Dodd Liz James Gina Soden
Guy Allen Louise Dougherty Wendy Kimberley Eleanor-Rose Stamp
Christine Allman Amy Doughty Stephanie Lacey Beth Stilgoe
Momina Anwar Sophie Duez Alan Latter Nic Stratton Tyler
Diana Ashdown Zelda Eady Caroline Mackintosh Emilia Symis
Peter Baldwin Anthea Eames Ipshita Meyer Heather Tamplin
John Bardell Lee Eveson Inês-Hermione Mulford Mary Thatcher
Mia Bartram Geoff Evison Peter Norton Corrin Tulk
Lynda Baxter Gypsy Kate Garramone Daisy Pearson Imogen Tyler
Keron Beattie Kate Giles Susie Penrose Peta-Stacey Wainwright
Mary Blue Paula Gonzalez Rosie Phillips Emilia Lotta Wald
Gabriella Buckingham Annie Hall Dylan Pulley Jane Weinle
Christy Burdock Frankie Hanmer Judith Reece Sammy Weston
Safi Butler Chris Hann Kirsten Riley Icy White
Sascha Chopra Imogen Hawgood Tracey Ross Mary Whitlock
Antonia Clare Helen Herbert Kathryn Rowden Ray Whyard
Dallas Collins Caroline Houchell Jill Sharpe Bobbie Wilson
Adam Cornish Lucy Hu Rachel Shaw Ashton Rosie Winn
Maggy Day Ken Hurst Anna Sims Izzy Wright
Ada Densham Bond Ruby Hyde Design Smith Paul Zawadski
Nick Dittrich Susan Isaac

Charlotte Fraser Ceramic & Glass Prize

Jennifer Amon Beatrice Galletley Henrietta MacPhee Pat Southwood
Emma Blount Eliza Gooden Emma Marks Nessie Stonebridge
Helen Breach Jemma Gowland Rebeca Maxiniuc Sarah Strachan
Rose Brettingham Alison Henry Annie McAlister-Dilks Dr Chimene Taylor
Judith Campbell Susan Isaac Stephen Murfitt Erica Tung
Stephanie Carlton Sarah Jenkins Florence North Katrina Wheeler
Chi-Son Chang Hassina Khan Jade Pinell Bethany Wood
Jan Crombie Sogon Kim Verity Pulford Mary Wyatt
Clare Cummins Julie Light Pamela Schomberg Muna Zuberi
Malakai Fox Keri Lowe C R Smith  

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