Tim Marshall

Monday 24th July | 4.00pm
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Worth Dying For and Prisoners of Geography - Book Talk

Tim Marshall has more than twenty-five years of reporting experience in the world of global politics.

In the first part of this fascinating talk he will use ten maps to show the ways in which leaders are often constrained by geographical factors – mountains, rivers, seas and concrete – and how a greater understanding of geopolitics can illuminate world events past and present. If you’ve ever wondered why Putin is obsessed with Crimea or why the USA was destined to become a global superpower, the answers are here.

Tim will then build on this and explore the role flags have played in driving global conflict. We wave them, we burn them and we march under their colours. In the 21st century, we still die for them. Tim discusses how an understanding of the renewed sense of nationalism in China, the troubled identities in Europe and the US, and the carefully constructed flag of Islamic State, can help unravel the past and the present and so provide essential insight into the symbols that continue to unite and divide us.

Running time 1 hour including Q&A


Tickets: £12 / £5 Concessions
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