Don't Mime Me, MIME THE GAP, IAMBE Productions Ltd

Tuesday 25th July | 4.00pm
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This exciting and new mime show is being premiered at Holt Festival.

An onstage mishap takes him to another place, a different time. A hat stand, a downtrodden housewife and a few countries are just three of the obstacles that prevent him finding his soul mate. 

Creating new theatre using mime to provoke an audience’s imagination, allows the spectator to travel to a spellbinding world that only the mind can create. 

Suitable for all ages, this play aims to ignite everyone’s imagination and highlights that our own minds produce the best magic. 

With some musical hits, familiar mime illusions; including the ‘glass box’ with ‘walking in the wind’, and 2 trained actors and mime artistes, this piece of theatre promises to be fun and engaging show. 

Please note this is a Work in Progress show.

Running time 1 hour including Q&A with the artists


Tickets: £12 / £5 Concessions
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