Food & Drink at Holt Festival

At Holt Festival we want to provide not only food for the soul but also food (and drink) for the body.

Auden Theatre 

Throughout the week during events at Auden Theatre, East Coast Bars will be serving drinks at the Auden Bar.

The Holt Community Centre 

At our events in the Holt Community Centre, the bar will be open serving soft drinks, wines and beers (depending on licensing hours). 

St Andrew’s Church 

During our Festival events in the Church, and the Church’s own Fringe concerts, there will be a small bar serving wine and soft drinks. 

Theatre in the Woods 

As in previous years there is food and drink on the field near the entrance to Theatre in the Woods. This is a great place to relax before (and after) events in either Theatre in the Woods or Auden theatre. 

On Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th:

  • Harry Farrow & Rowan Glennie of Anchors Away, Morston, will provide pizzas/salads etc from the Anchors Away award-winning mobile kitchen. Wines, Gin and Fizz will also be on offer. Open from 4pm on Friday, 2pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.
  • Peter Yetmans’ beer tent – open from around 4pm each day