Festival Friends

Festival Friends are the enthusiasts and devotees who each year between them have the potential to make extraordinary things happen. The more there are, the more extraordinary these things become.

Large donations from a few generous individuals have helped the festival since its beginning. The Friends Scheme has been running successfully for the many years. For a relatively affordable subscription you too can become a Festival Friend. As well as the benefits that the scheme offers you can enjoy a sense of involvement and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are one of the people bringing joy to the lives of others by helping to fund this exciting festival.

The Friends subscriptions are £100 for single membership and £150 for couples. Benefits include priority booking with advanced copy of the brochure, free and discounted tickets and invitations to various events.

We also have a Subscribers Scheme. For payment of only £25 you will receive a festival brochure through the post and be entitled to take advantage of the priority booking period before booking opens to the general public.

If you would like to join online and pay your subsription with PayPal or BACS transfer please click here

Alternatively you can download the application forms and send with a cheque.

For the Friends postal application form please click here

For the Subscriber postal application form please click here

Bruce & Philippa Allen
John Arkell
Phil & Sarah Banyard
Steve & Peta Benson
Alan & Olivia Birch
Sheila Broom
David & Penny Brough
Keith & Teresa Brown
David Bull & Fiona Lawrence
Martin & Robin Burkitt
Bob & Lois Carrick
Andy & Trish Chapman
Tony & Juliet Colman
Stephen Cottee
Henry & Charlotte Crawley
Theo Crowder
Anthea de Loynes
Robert Dilks & Annie McAlister-Dilks
Roger & Claire Dubbins
Angela Dugdale
Chris & Anna Dugdale
Dick & Debbie Fiddian
Nigel & Julie Flower
Patrick & Anne Foster

Jonathan Freegard &
Fenella Gentleman
Simon & Sarah Garnier
David & Rachel Goodman
Sue Goose
Simon & Sue Guest
Guy & Sophia Hodgson
Ron & Patsy Hoile
Stephen & Catherine Hume
Chris & Diana Jacob
Stephen & Caroline Jefford
Nigel Jenney & Lukie Simms
Stephen & Caro Lamdin
Sylvia Levete
Jonathan Lloyd
Nicholas Lloyd
Nicholas & Morag Lloyd
Mike Lane & Fiona Mardi
Sally Marshall
Iain & Alison Mawson
Eleanor McAlister-Dilks
Moira Morrissey
Michael Napier
Jim & Mary Pallister

Adney Payne & Angela Black
Peter Reeve
Nigel & Pam Ripley
Martyn & Catherine Scott
John & Patsy Seymour
Sean & Karen Siddall
David & Eleanor Sidgwick
Stuart & Elizabeth Ross
Chris & Annie Taylor
James & Katharine Thomson
Freddie Van Till & John Last
Merlin Waterson
John & Fiona Wollocombe

Honorary Friends
Duncan & Nina  Baker
Tony & Mary Britten
Peter & Karen Hall
Anthony & Mary Hunt
Gary & Helen May
Charles Pugh
Clare Walker

And others who wish to remain anonymous